300-208 810-403 400-051 640-916 Exam Test Questions

?The scene of the event brought a milestone to the house, and people in each room began a formal call, built trust, and quickly became a piece. “Three sisters” joined the Dongdong family dinner, the big man began to pay attention to the Dongdong, the accompanying girl also pulled up the family with me in the kitchen. Of course, the accompanying girl took the initiative to talk to us for other reasons, her little white face boyfriend went away. A generation of Tianjiao Xiaobai face, 300-208I do not know where to gamble, lose 100,000, no way to go, please come to Heilongjiang’s father, Dad promised to pay for his debt, but there are two conditions, one is to immediately break up with the accompanying girl, the second is to return home, And in this life, I will not be allowed to step into the capital half a step.
??The accompanying girl does not admit that Xiaobai is her boyfriend, because she has not divorced, although she has been severing with her husband for more than a year, the divorce procedure has been dragged. A twenty-five-year-old girl who lives in ktv at Tiantongyuan needs a man, both physically and in life, so she simply finds a small white face with a look and a fight. Interestingly, Xiaobai face also chatted with me. He denied that the chorus girl was his girlfriend. He said that the salesperson at the gate of the community was his girlfriend. He spent fifteen minutes boasting about how powerful his family is in Heilongjiang. It took another fifteen minutes to count and sing the girl, saying that she was carrying him outside with an old man, saying that she had a three-year-old daughter in her hometown.
??The accompanying singer left the kitchen, and Dongdong sneaked in and picked up a fritter and chewed and said,810-403 “Super brother, what did you talk to that little sister? I figured it out, you just married the woman.” “I said: “Shut up.” She said: “Hey, super brother is angry, haha, super brother, you have to hold on, catch up with me, I am married, give birth to a baby, and then come to you, You take me away and fly high.” I said: “Roll.” She shouted and shouted: “Mom, super brother bullies me, he said that my chest is small, Mom, you have to give me the master.”
??Lv Xiaoyu grabbed the hat on the shelf and said, “You too, I told you earlier. I often have rent-offs here. How much do you move around, close to the subway, you live on your side. Who? You are also a highly educated person. Now, in order to save a few hundred dollars, you have to share it with a bunch of blind people.” I said, “You can’t say that, my neighbors are almost all, but they are all After eight hundred good people, how have you received higher education, and you must be a good person if you have higher education?” Lu Xiaoyu put down his hat: “I didn’t say that they are bad people, but these people are not healthy. You are just beginning with the intermediary company. After that, I can’t figure out what is going on. There is a saying called ‘Fushengshengjiao, poor life change’, don’t you understand?” I said: “What rich and poor, everyone is not living in Tiantongyuan, what is there? Difference?” “What do you mean?” Lu Xiaoyan stared. “Are you ironic about me?”
??I picked up the hat in her hand and asked, “Why are you buying so much? Who is this top for?” She said: “Give me my mom, I will give her a courier back.” I said, “You will give She buys a hat? Don’t you always hate her?” Lu Xiaolan white, I said, “What’s wrong with hate? It’s my mother to hate it.”
??More than half a year of tireless greetings, Lv Xiaoyu finally defaulted to my pursuit. Every weekend, I will go to her for two days, and then go back to work in my home on Monday. I can’t conceal the fact that I am in love with Lu Xiaoyu. They have eaten with Lu Xiaoyu and know all my thoughts.
??”Will you marry her?” “Three sisters” took the clothes rack and handed it to me. I said, “I can’t say it, I didn’t ask her.” 400-051“Three sisters” said: “All together, why don’t you ask? Even if she can’t give you permission, you should ask, she will be very happy. At least, I know that you are true to her.” I smiled and said: “I don’t have confidence, really, we don’t get along well. She is a very demanding person in all aspects. We often quarrel for small things. For example, when I buy something, her wallet is several times larger than me, but every time I deliberately let me save money, once I don’t bring money or lose money, she will rush my black face for a night. I really like her. “She is not necessarily.” “Three sisters” said: “You, love, talk less, do not understand women, women generally love to compare, her meticulous boyfriend is active, she will naturally be dissatisfied with you You pay more attention to the people around her, learn more.” I looked out the window and said nothing, “Three sisters” patted my shoulder and said: “There is time to bring her to the house to have a meal, let the stuff Mom started to guide you both.”
??Lantern Festival, Dongdong Ma took me and Yangyang to work for a long time, posing the same specifications as the last time to meet Lu Xiaoyu, the family dinner of the master bedroom is also more enthusiastic because of the “three sisters”, big men and other people joined. Lv Xiaoqi arrived at 7:30 on time, and the attitude was the same as when he first visited. The whole process was cold and ignorant. Apart from the necessary greetings and replies, there was almost nothing. When the dinner was coming to an end, Dongdong Ma deliberately touted all the advantages of me in the wine. Dongdong also helped me with the help of the vinegar, but the expressive ability was far worse than that of my mother. Zhangkou had a misfortune: “My mom means us. You have to cherish this super brother, and you are serious about the potential stocks that have not been married.”
??Lv Xiaoyu Liu Mei was upside down, slammed down the chopsticks, got up to the door, quickly put on high heels, 640-916and strode out. My wine was drinking for half a bit, and I didn’t expect it. I stood up and walked over. Dongdong said later: “How is this person? What is it? This is not your home!” Dongdong Ma shouted: “You give me a shut up!”
??Downstairs, I held the window and panted and said, “She is a little girl, she doesn’t speak the brain. It doesn’t mean anything else. Can you not do this?” Lu Xiaoyu said: “Hands off!” I said: “Give me a face? You want me to compensate you later.” “Wang egg!” Lu Xiaoyu screamed, “Hands open!”
??I went home and went to the kitchen to help the people clean up. Dongdong Ma said, “Let them do a few things, super, you don’t care. I just trained Dongdong, don’t go to my heart.” Said: “Nothing, she is tempered, used to.” Dongdong mother looked at me quietly, still apologetic.
??The chorus girl knocked on the door, and I opened my eyes and said, “Sit down.” The chorus girl sat on the side of the bed and said, “I will borrow the charger. Are you okay?” I said, “Nothing.” She said: “Your girlfriend is very tempered.” I said: “She is angry with her, can’t hurt our spleen and stomach.” I handed the charger to her and said, “Take it away,” No need to return, I will be on a business trip tomorrow, it may take more than a month to come back.” She grabbed the charger, wanted to say something and swallowed back, got up and slowly walked out, I planted it back to bed.