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He came to the martial arts school for two days. He did not even see the martial arts high-powered people. The things he learned were very simple. It was to dig the soil and use it to fight. He did not believe in killing him. Su robbing is not afraid of hardship, but he is afraid of suffering and has no effect. “The game is a match, the fight is a fight, you can’t be confused.” Jos fell into a memory: “I started to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is ground skills, it is very useful in the game, I also took a few The champion of the small-scale regional competition, I later locked a rogue in a street fight, but between the rolling, my head hit the corner of the street, a lot of blood, I know that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is only suitable On the platform, on the complicated street, you and others are on the ground, and you don’t know what will happen. So I learned boxing, but I was stunned by my legs. I went to learn Muay Thai and kick boxing. But once I met a gang member, he was a black man, learning Chinese Kung Fu Hong Quan, my technique is higher than him, but he is as fierce as a tiger, I did not dare to face in front of his offense, defeated So I came to study.” “Your actual combat experience is too rich.” Su robbing has long seen a lot of scars on Jos, all of them are street fights, maybe one person is on multiple people, maybe a hand Take a weapon Various situations are likely to be encountered. “Jos, you see if I want to quickly improve my fighting level, I can win the game, what should I do?” Su Zong asked a key question. ………………….. The first chapter of the new book is coming. I hope that everyone will have more discussions. I will hold regular activities in the martial arts hall in Hangzhou and hold a reading club. Welcome everyone to play. The time of the event will be posted on WeChat public account and Weibo. You can pay attention to it. The second chapter of the text martial arts millennium wall flowering wall outside the fragrance second chapter martial arts millennium wall flowering wall outside the incense “do more combat.” Jos definitely said: “not that kind of fighting, but the battle in reality, that year In the face of fierce enemies, all your skills are useless, the brain is empty, the fights are all instinctively torn and fists, when you exercise to calmly face fierce enemies, technology has room to play. Of course You can start practicing from the competition. What is this called in your Chinese kung fu? I think about it.” He patted his head with his hand and suddenly remembered it. “Oh, this is called a gall, two forces. No effort, no technology will play a malfunction.” “I only have two months, the summer vacation is over, I have to go back to school. What can I do for two months?” Jos has absorbed knowledge and experience. This foreigner who often fights can not only help himself practice oral English, but also find fighting experience from him and avoid detours. Jos has a lot of research on Chinese Kung Fu, and it is not far from the ocean to come here. This spirit and desire for knowledge are worth learning. “Oh? Two months, Su robbery, you are not kidding.” Jos almost jumped up: “Two months, even the muscles can’t be trained. I have to know that I have practiced for seven or eight
My own humiliation, the anger in my heart, this is also the reason for reporting traditional martial arts classes, not to the martial arts school Sanda, Muay Thai, and comprehensive fighting classes. There are also many training classes in the Minglun School. On the contrary, traditional martial arts classes rarely register, even if they are registered, most of them are foreigners. “This is really a fragrance outside the wall.” Su robbery commented on this. One day of digging and earth-boring training went on like this. In the last hour, coach Gu Yang explained what posture he used to dig, turn, smash, start and fall. Others, there is no teaching, and there is
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