Halalan Summer Camp 2013 Report

Halalan Summer Camp 2013 is now over. Here are the results of the discussions held there. Thank you to those who participate!


  • A discussion of different voting systems was held using the materials in Securing Digital Democracy at Coursera.
  • A history of Halalan was presented broken down by generations. The 1st generation is composed of Halalan Booroonggoo and Halalan Ograsiah! from July 2004 – March/April 2006. The 2nd generation is the current one which started on May 2006. There is a plan for a 3rd generation which may start at the release of version 2.0.0.
  • A progression of Halalan logos was presented.
  • A look at the technical side of Halalan. The features needed or wanted and the challenges on how to make them.
  • A rundown of the implementation of Halalan in UP commercial bounce houses Diliman.


There will be a hackathon this June. See this post for more details. Things to do at the hackathon will be discussed at halalan@googlegroups.com. Join now!


A new logo will be unveiled at the hackathon by our very own JM.


A search for a suitable WordPress theme or for a web designer to create Halalan’s own theme will be conducted.


Register a new domain for Halalan.


Update documentation for the upcoming version 2.0.0.

New Team

A new team for the 3rd generation Halalan is being considered.

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