Monthly Archives: December 2009

Admin Reloaded

The admin side of Halalan recently received some changes. It now uses CodeIgniter’s Form Validation library instead of the manual and tedious error-checking in the previous releases. With all the changes that happened, some bugs may have crept into the code. Helping in testing the changes is very much appreciated.

Here’s how to test the recent changes:

  • Checkout revision 550 of the 1.x.x branch (e.g., svn checkout -r 550 halalan-test)
  • Input the database settings at system/application/config/database.php
  • Go to the Halalan URL + install (e.g., http://localhost/halalan-test/install)
  • Copy the generated configuration to system/application/config/halalan.php
  • Update: For easier installation, just copy this halalan.php to system/application/config/ and change $config['halalan']['image_trail_path'] and $config['base_url'] to reflect your settings
  • Create writable directories: public/captcha, public/uploads/logos, public/uploads/pictures, public/uploads/csvs
  • Update: Make sure that the folder specified in $config['halalan']['image_trail_path'] is also writable
  • Login to the system and play with it

If any problems are encountered, send an email to the mailing list or post a comment below.

1.x.x in Branches, 2.x.x in Trunk

1.x.x is now found in branches. Only bug fixes are expected to be made but some necessary features (as requested by users and we deem necessary) cannot hurt. On the other hand, fresh ideas are very welcome for 2.x.x. Trunk will be started from scratch and the development of 2.x.x will be done there.

Halalan 1.4.0 Released

Realtime results and results per position.

Download it here.

1.4.0 20090307
— Added admin option to clear login timestamp
— Added viewing of results per position
— Added realtime viewing of results
— Added minor enhancements
— Upgraded to CodeIgniter 1.7.1
— Upgraded to jQuery 1.3.1