Monthly Archives: December 2007

Last Pre-election Test

The UP Linux Users' Group will be holding the final pre-election test/demo of the Halalan Voting System this coming March 1, 2007. It will be held at MH235 from 1pm onwards. Students of the College of Engineering are highly encouraged to attend since the system will be implemented in the coming ESC elections. See you there!

Halalan Summer Camp 2007 Report

Halalan Summer Camp 2007 is now over. Here are the results of the discussions held there.

New UI

The Summer Camp started with a drawing activity. Each member of the team was given a sheet of paper wherein they designed a new UI taking into consideration the voter's ability to use a computer. The new UI will be posted soon.

New Teams

The development team of Halalan was divided into three groups which will be responsible for the UI, Code Igniter version, and Ruby on Rails version.

Improved Design

A presentation of the current Halalan Design started the discussion for its improvement. Some of the more notable ideas are:

  • audit trails
  • option to enable or disable the connection of voters and votes (some elections record who voted for whom, some do not)
  • password hashing on the client-side (this was implemented in the old Halalan)
  • voters can have multiple units

New and Improved Documentation

The documentation of the old Halalan will be resurrected and updated to reflect the new Halalan.

New Roles

The following roles are based from

Arce, RJ – User Interface (UI) Designer, Developer
Bautista, Darwin – User Interface (UI) Designer
Bautista, Waldemar – All-Hands Person, Developer
Bitanga, JM – Graphic/Other Designer, Distributor/Promoter
Castro, Vanie – Project Manager, Developer
Oliveros, Wigi Vei – Developer
Ramos, Jesse Nikko – Doc Writer
Rara, Prem Vilas Fortran – Unix Admin, Developer
San Miguel, Antonio Mari – Developer
Santos, Carlo – Assistant Project Manager

Halalan 1.0.1 Released

Minor fixes and complete Filipino language file.

Download it here.

1.0.1 20071218
— Added Filipino language file
— Added restriction that the result can only be shown when the election is not running
— Fixed incorrect label in add and edit candidate submit button

Introducing the Halalan Bullets

Halalan Bullets are biweekly reports on the happenings around Halalan from the time of the previous report up to the next one written as an unordered or unnumbered list. Thus, the name Bullets.

The first edition is already up and see you for more.

Code Cleanup

There will be a code cleanup this coming Sunday, November 18. Interested parties can join as at the #unplug channel on the server.

See you there!

Halalan 0.1.3 Released

This release contains minor interface enhancements and some bug-fixing. This is intended for developers and testers interested in helping the project.

Download it here.

0.1.3 20070210
— Viewing of candidates and parties in ballot, confirmvote, and result now uses dynamic tooltip
— Fix candidates and parties viewing in result
— Minor interface enhancements
— Added check on deletion of voters
— Deleted unnecessary files
— Fixed radio button in ballot to reflect user choice when going back to it or if there is an error